We use quality equipment by well known & respected manufacturers
such as Peavey, Mackie, Numark, & Kam.
All our equipment over 1 year old is fully PAT tested.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if we are unable to complete your party
due to our equipment failure.
(We always carry spare amps, C.D. player, leads etc.
so this has NEVER happened)
Our smaller set-up includes
a 400w sound system.
Our largest package consists of
a 6 speaker, bi-amped, 2.5K sound system.
Larger sound systems are available if required.
The system we use will be
more than enough for your venue
so we will not overdrive the amps of speakers.
This improves sound quality & reliability
without being too loud
Lighting we have available includes up to
10 intelligent effects lights,
starcloth, 2 x 350mw multicolour lasers,
UV lighting, haze machine,

Our lighting has been carefully designed to be flexible enough for any venue.
We can set up a small disco
as little as 2 metres wide.
Our normal large roadshow is approx
6 metres wide & 3 metres high

Mobile disco lighting, it's not all the same

There are 2 types of lighting for mobile discos -
1 - What's commonly known as 'plug & play'
2 -  DMX controlled

What's the difference?

Plug and play (What most old, very cheap discos still use)
Does what it says.
You plug it in & it plays, usually at one speed (fast)
There is no control over what it does apart from switching it on & off.

DMX controlled lighting (what we use)
This is a way to control various aspects of the lightshow,
e.g. colour, speed, direction etc.
A DMX controller can also be used to pre-program
complicated lightshows like the type you see in nightclubs.
This means it is possible to  have all the lighting
running slow during your slow dances,
'dancing' in time to the music during faster ones,
or even static for 'mood lighting'
A spotlight can even be used to highlight areas such as a wedding cake,
bride & groom's 1st dance etc.
ALL of our effects lights use DMX technology

Click here to see the videos!

07720 568461
We can supply up to 8 uplighters
(also known as moodlighting)
as an optional extra to our standard package.
They can also be hired without our disco
These are very discreet slim units & can transform
a dull looking room into a classy, sophisticated venue.
To see a video of what they can do

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